Monday, February 16, 2015

Book Ledgerdemain

     If you've ever taken a single student to the library, then you know this is true:  Kids are more likely to choose a book if they have seen its cover.  Librarians know that.  That's why these exist:

     Book stores know it, too.  That's why rows of books are occasionally interrupted by books that are shelved "face out."

     So why don't Language Arts classrooms look like this: 

     Is that not fabulous?  I guarantee those books would fly off the ledges faster than a pigeon that's spotted an unprotected breadcrust.  Here's another question:  Why don't the other core classes have book ledges, too -- ledges displaying all that nonfiction text we want our kids to read?

     And before you start up with the whole money thing, here's the link to a video about building $10 ledges:

The final product looks like this.

     Every single person I've told this idea loves it.  So why don't I have book ledges yet?  I'm starting to worry they're hoping I'll forget about them.

     But I won't.  It's too good an idea.